Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, S.166–Accident—Personal Expenses-House wife–The contribution made by the wife to the family is invaluable and cannot be computed in terms of money- in evaluating notional income of deceased housewife, 1/3rd deduction towards personal expenses is not to be made.

Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, S.166–Accident–Just Compensation-Court should be liberal in determination of quantum of compensation to be paid to the victim towards future loss of income and other heads.

Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, S.166–Accident–Disability @ 30%-As against the 30% permanent disability, an amount of Rs.60,000/- would be just and appropriate to meet out this head.

Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, S.166–Accident–injuries–Victim a house wife aged 38 years-Suffered disability @ 30%-Her contribution taken as Rs.6000- pm–Total compensation of Rs.8,34,000/– awarded various heads.

Neelam Rani v. Anish Kumar & Ors.    

2016(4) Law Herald (P&H) 3674 : 2016 LawHerald.Org 2339