HMA — S.13-Divorce–Cruelty–Mere non-payment of Maintenance Pendente lite does not amount to cruelty- -Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, S.125S.13-Divorce-Cruelty to Husband-Wife failed to adduce tangible, cogent and convincing evidence to establish her plea that she was subject to cruelty of the kind sufficient to grant a decree of divorce-Wife herself was guilty spouse as she did not like to live with her husband due to huge difference in their educational background and husband being resident of a village-She persistently demanded to have residence in the city-Husband was given injuries by parents and relative of wife which led to initiation of criminal proceedings-Wife held guilty-Spouse could not be allowed to take advantage of her own wrong to seek dissolution of marriage-Divorce rightly not granted.;;

Indu Bala v. Vipin Sharma : 2016(1) Law Herald (P&H) 499 (DB)