Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, S.13–Divorce–Cruelty–Use of liquor on some occasion cannot be held to be a continuing misconduct on the part of the
(Para 21)

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, S,13–Divorce–Cruelty–The relevant criteria is that in order to prove mental cruelty or cruelty based on mental cruelty or cruelty based on mental disorder of one of the spouse, it has to be proved that it is not possible to live together and the same cannot be reasonably expected also, (Para 20)

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, S.13–Divorce–Cruelty–Mere filling of criminal cases cannot be sufficient to construe an act of cruelty unless and until such cases are found to be false.

Suman v. Dalbir

2017(1) Law Herald (P&H) 44 (DB) : 2016 LawHerald.Org 2362