Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956 S.6-Foreign Orders-Custody of Child-Comity of Courts-Key circumstances and factors to be taken into consideration-A foreign court having the most intimate con­tact and the closest concern with the child would be better equipped and perhaps best suited to appreciate the social and cultural milieu in which the child has been brought up rather than a domestic court-This is a factor that must be kept in mind-It must be appreciated that the “most intimate contact” doctrine and the “closest con­cern” doctrine are very much alive and cannot be ignored only because their applica­tion might be uncomfortable in certain situations-It is not appropriate that a domestic court having much less intimate contact with a child and having much less close concern with a child and his or her parents (as against a foreign court in a given case) should take upon itself the onerous task of determining the best interests and welfare of the child-Civil Procedure Code, 1908, S.13-Guardian& Wards Act, 1890.;;

Surya Vadartan v. State of Tamil Nadu & Ors,: 2015(2) Marriage L.J. 198 (SC)