(A) Indian Penal Code, 1860, S.307–Attempt to Murder-Reduction in Sentence-­Accused who was armed with an axe found to be principal offender-He has given a heavy blow on the left side of head of victim-Other accused attacked with lathi –– Keeping in view ordeal of trial sentence of 7 years reduced to 5 years-Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, S.482.

(B) Evidence Act, 1872-lnjured witness–The evidence of injured witnesses will have to be placed on a higher pedestal, inasmuch as their presence at the scene of occurrence can never be doubted and they also might not have the propensity to involve a stranger to the occurrence, giving a clean chit to the real perpetrators of the crime.

Banwari Lal & Ors. v. State of Haryana

2017(1) Law Herald (P&H) 61 : 2016 LawHerald.Org 2382