IPC — S.376-B-Rape-Acquittal–False Story-Allegation of rape on wife by her husband-Acquitted upheld on following grounds-

(i) Difference of two months in dates of offence as mentioned in initial complaint and as mentioned in FIR;

(ii) As per allegation she was raped for 7 days but she did not raised any hue and only where as she was free to move and tenants also residing on first floor;

(iii) Marriage between them is going through rough weather-Many litigations are pending between them-Therefore, possibility of taking revenge cannot be ruled out;

(iv) The appellant-complainant never came to him to make statement about the incident rather he himself traced out her for getting her statement-Conduct of the complainant shows that after filing the complaint, she did not bother to make her statement to the police or had gone to the hospital for her medical examination.;;

Sandeep Kaur v. State of Punjab & Anr. : 2016(1) Law Herald (P&H) 591 (DB) :