April 2020

Narcotics—Commercial Quantity—Recovery from co-accused who was pillion rider on the motorcycle driven by the petitioner—Conscious possession by petitioner to be decided during trial—Bail granted

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Re-examination of Witness—Non-speaking orders—There was no discussion regarding the relevance of the witnesses much less the satisfaction that the exercise of power under Section 311 Cr.P.C at the present stage of trial is justified—Impugned order set aside

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Scheduled Castes—Intentional Insult—Complainant and eye-witness deposed that accused threatened with life but has not made any such revelation that casteist remarks were made as alleged in FIR–Complaint quashed

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Unauthorised Colony—Quashing—Landowners after entering into agreement to sell with proposed buyers (petitioners) carved out colony without statutory permission—Neither any sale deed was executed in favour of the petitioner nor the petitioners have sold any part of the land to any third person by creating third party right to show that they intended to sell the land by carving out small plots—FIR quashed

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Proof of Document—Absence of Signature—In the absence of signatures on first page of the document, which is a typed document, it cannot be said that the same was signed after reading the contents of the same

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Anticipatory Bail—Information Technology—Objectionable video was already viral on social media—Petitioner circulated forensic report that video is genuine—Primarily no injury to reputation of complainant was caused by the present petitioners—Bail granted

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Criminal Breach of Trust—Sale of mortgaged property—Complaint by Bank–FIR against Advocate who gave Legal Search Report—LSR was prepared on the basis of original documents and standard norms of preparation for the same were followed—No evidence that he was part of the conspiracy–FIR qua Advocate quashed

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March 2020

Maintenance—Claim by minor Children—Mere fact that the mother of children is earning more than the salary of the father cannot absolve the father of his responsibility to maintain his minor sons HELD a mother, who has custody of a child not only spends money on the upbringing of the child, but at the same time, she is required to spend substantial time and effort in bringing up the child. Her mobility is completely restricted. One cannot put value to the time and effort put in by the mother in upbringing of the child.     

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[DIVISION BENCH] Divorce—Cruelty—Mere coldness or lack of affection cannot amount to cruelty Divorce—Cruelty—Even, frequent rudeness of language unless it is absolutely intolerable, cannot be termed as cruelty

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Quashing—Time barred complaint—Offences u/s IPC cannot be added later to revive time barred complaint Multi Level Marketing—Agencies involved in the sale of goods through direct/multilevel marketing do not fall under the provisions of the Prize Chit and Money Circulation Scheme (Banning) Act

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Service Law—Medical Reimbursement—Treatment was taken from a Government Hospital—Any denial of the full reimbursement is against the very policy and rules applicable to the petitioner

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IMP :: Change of Name—An individual is free to change his name any time so long as the process provided thereof has been followed HELD If the rules do not cater for a particular situation, a constitutional Court can always issue directions to fill the void—Direction issued to correct the name as per changed name.

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Registration–Family Settlement arrived at prior in point of time acknowledged in a judgment and decree, such decree passed by the Court would not be required to be compulsory registered before it can be held to be binding

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[DIVISION BENCH] Divorce—By Mutual Consent—No appeal can lie against a consent decree but if a consent decree is obtained due to coercion, fraud etc, then only can Court can set it aside

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